Kettleness – Private Hire Fossil Safari


Date(s) - 3 March 2023 - 31 December 2024
10:00 am - 6:30 pm



Private guide safari tours are available to Kettleness throughout the year, but advance booking is necessary during busy summer months when our guides are fully booked.

Kettleness is on of the Yorkshire Coast’s classic sites and was the source location for the largest and most complete ‘Rhomaleosaurus’ Pliosaur Skeleton ever found. The location reveals a full array of strata from different geological units spanning the Pleinsbachian and Toarcian, meaning that an unique range of fauna can be found here. Several itineraries are available, including walk-in trips plus round trips to/from Sandsend or Runswick Bay. It is not a beginners location and requires a specialist guide to safely reveal some of the location’s best spots. Access has been limited with further rock falls in early 2024, making the Runswick to Kettleness loop the only viable itinerary.

Due to monthly tidal variations, it is not always possible to embark on fossil hunts in all locations.

Private tours costs are

1-6 people – 3-4 hour itinerary = Cost £165

7-11 people  – 3-4 hour itinerary = Cost £250

12-16 people  – 3-4 hour itinerary = Cost £350

Additional hours available at an additional cost of £30 per hours – required for a ‘loop’ itinerary starting/ending in Sandsend or Runswick Bay

Get in touch to discuss what’s possible for a chosen location or date range. We’ll advise on options that will be best suited to you.

A facilitated tour with one of our professional guides is the best way to discover Yorkshire Coast’s amazing fossil locations. Tailored itineraries are arranged to suit the objectives of any group wanting a bespoke fossil-finding experience.

Our qualified Earth Scientist guides curate individually designed tours that follow best practice in accessing sites for responsible collecting. Private tours consider the unique safety factors of each location and are arranged to suit tides, adventure level, age and ability of the hiring party.


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