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The GeoHeritage Collective are learned Earth Scientists with a passion for sharing the region’s fascinating history. We bring rocks and fossils to life through high quality, easily accessible information, tours and public events. This website is for everybody who wants to learn more about fossils and the earth heritage of Yorkshire Coast.

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Meet the people behind Yorkshire Coast Rocks

Steve Cousins

Combining the two unlikely specialisms of Earth Science and Circus, Steve’s persona The Rock Showman is the pied piper of petrifactions. A specialist communicator and engagement expert, Steve has honed his skills as an international entertainer, founded a circus school and trained with Cirque du Soleil’s Global Citizenship programme. Combined with a deep passion for exploring stories of Earth’s past Steve’s educational work is in great demand with schools, museums, festivals and public events across the UK. He also runs fossil safari tours in Yorkshire via Fossil-UK.com.

Steve Cousins is The Rock Showman
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Dr Liam Herringshaw

Palaeontologist, academic, festival organiser, theatrical tour guide, benthic burrow enthusiast and science communicator, Dr Liam is a regular leader of expert walks across the Yorkshire Coast.

Roger Osborne

Celebrated author, Roger Osborne is a prolific writer and publisher. His non-fiction books reveal the connection between Yorkshire’s Geology and many milestones of post-industrial Britain’s development. His series of pocket sized reference guides are the most widely read Yorkshire Geology-focussed resource books available, sharing serious science through understandable English. When not writing, Roger is the keeper of Geology at Whitby Museum.

Byron Blessed

The nexus of the fossil community in Whitby is palaeontologist Byron Blessed. Founder of Natural Wonders and Fossils-UK.com, there are few alive today who can find, recognise and identify as many creatures that lived in this part of the world nearly 200 million years ago. Accomplished entrepreneur, Byron founded the original fossil tours of Whitby over 25 years ago. He has single handedly shared Yorkshire’s Earth science heritage with tens of thousands of adults and young people, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many.

Will Watts

When the BBC come to Yorkshire to explore dinosaur trackways and fossil finds, they get in touch with Will Watts of Hidden Horizons. Will is geological consultant, museum specialist and science communicator with a passion for sharing his native lands of the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Coast. Through Scarborough based Hidden Horizons, Will leads an array of Earth Science activities from Dinosaur Walks to Fossil Preparation, Rock Pooling and Bushcraft.

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